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I'm not surprised the stone spirits "fix" from Mod Jack was half-assed, considering he doesn't consider PVM a major part of RS:

Granted, his words are related to the upcoming comp cape rework, but he would have the same opinion on PVM as with mining and smithing. QBD is hardly a high end boss, but the GP/hr has been heavily reduced compared to other bosses. This Smithing QOL update did not impact that boss at all, and will hardly have any impact on Telos or GWD2 bosses.

They didn't say exactly how much Necrite and Phasmatitite stone spirit drops were reduced at GWD2, so I would expect 3 of the 4 GWD2 bosses to still be a big waste of time. For Telos, replacing Adamantite stone spirits (worth like 70 gp) with rune stone spirits (worth like 450-500gp) is completely dumb.

This Smithing QOL update also did not even address the issue of a shortage of salvage (this could be solved with fast smithable salvage that can only be disassmbled) for invention components, and the speed of smithing ammunitition such as banite arrowtips. They've had 5 months to do so, and nothing has been done, lol.
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