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Is there any way to determine how fast the cache is downloading or making sure it is downloading it will let me play but when I check under app info it appears the cache isn't downloading and I think it has to do with all the crashing I have been having happen. I am using 4g lte to play as I don't have wifi to attach to

12-Mar-2019 15:34:19

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The cache only downloads when you're sitting in the lobby (this is the recommended way to download the entire cache), or when you visit an area that isn't already cached.

You need to swipe downwards with 4 fingers (easiest way is your index and middle finger on both hands) to bring up the developer console, then type, "displayfps". You should then see your fps, memory usage, disk cache (this needs to be around 3GB in colour blue/green), sent/received data (also current download/upload speed), etc.
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