Anyone tried bossing?

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Just curious has anyone tried bossing on the mobile app? weather it be a simple boss like vindicta or something difficult like arraxor I am curious what your experience was?

13-Mar-2019 03:45:19



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I've successfully done Bandos GWD

I tried Araxxor, but it's been so long since I last played that I got KO'd because I couldn't avoid those swipes
I didn't make a second attempt, but someone that had played it more recently could probably do it.

13-Mar-2019 04:09:53

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Gwd 1 is super easy haven't done nex yet though vindy for me at least it's super laggy when the Dragon uses its flame across the ground only issue i have so I usually duo since my dps drops because I lag so bad Greg is fine probably same issues as vindy with furies and hel**r because of flame and shroom cloud effects haven't really tested yet myself

14-Mar-2019 13:12:13

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I imagine it'd be annoying killing Rax when the minion path is open, because of those mirrorback spiders. Much harder to tap/click on compared to the desktop version. Hard -> 3a Range Top (#357), 3a Full Helm (#439), Barrows Dye (#1755, #2546)
Elite -> Shadow Dye (#510, #1970, #1985), Barrows Dye (#680, #1567), 3a Druidic Staff (#969), Ice Dye (#1539)
Master -> Barrows Dye (#480)

15-Mar-2019 06:35:05

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