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Aslon Dak

Aslon Dak

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In just a couple of days, this Thursday according to Hans, I will have officially marked 10 years as a citizen of RuneScape! :D

Although I'm normally not the type to create a thread all about myself, I have decided it is at long last time to do exactly that. I intend to use this thread to celebrate my very nearly 10-year history in Gielinor by looking back and by looking ahead. I'll even entertain questions and accept congratulations. Yes, I know plenty of others have logged 10+ years playing RuneScape already...however, before the end of this week, I will have done so in a way some would find unthinkable - 10 years as a pure F2P!

That's right. I am about to mark 10 years with this game as a free player. Impossible? No. I doubt I'm the only one to make it this far without ever being a member, even for a single day. I'm not aware of very many others who have been 100% pure F2P for a decade or more, and even if I was I am still celebrating the milestone all the same. Nearly ten years to the day since I was browsing the Miniclip forums and learned of this game called "RuneScape". I thought, "RuneScape, huh? Sounds interesting. I think I'll check it out." 10 years later, I am still here.

A lot has changed over those 10 years, but one thing that hasn't changed is that after all this time, I still find reasons to keep coming back to Gielinor.

I shall now begin the thread by posting this welcoming message, followed by some frequently asked questions I have received over my time here. Well, when I say frequently, obviously some have been asked more frequently than others. Well, some of them have truly been asked of me, and some of those more than once. In any event, here comes the FAQ. Don't say you weren't warned. Hold tight! ;)

02-Sep-2014 05:52:58

Aslon Dak

Aslon Dak

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Were you named after Aslan, "The Great Lion", from The Chronicles of Na*nia?

No. Neither was I named in part after Dak, Luke Skywalker's gunner during the Battle of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back, who felt he could take on the whole Empire himself.

I came up with the name "Aslon Dak" for a fighter character I created, but never played, for Dungeons & Dragons. The name is a variation on a character from the Doctor Who comic strip named Abslom Daak. Abslom, a human criminal from the 26th century found guilty of numerous crimes, was given a choice between being vaporised or exiled to a Dalek-controlled planet, where he wasn't expected to live very long. He chose the latter. With his weapon of choice, the chainsword, Abslom began his life as a Dalek Killer on the planet Mazam, where he met and fell in love with the princess Taiyin. She is killed by a Dalek Daak had failed to completely destroy. As she dies, Taiyin tells Daak "For you the sentence is have to live." Abslom vows he'll do better than just live. He intends to kill every last stinking Dalek in the galaxy!

That's the origin of my name. I also based my character's basic look on Daak, as well as his fondness for drinking and for fighting. I improvised the rest.

Where were you born?

In Lumbridge. When I was of age, I journeyed to Tutorial Island where I learned what I needed to know in order to embark on my career as an adventurer.

Are you a member? Have you ever been, or will you ever be, a member?


Do you have a pet?

Yes, a baby troll. He is called Cabbage, in spite of the fact he did not want to be named for a vegetable. Also, I have Eek the Spider, but she spends a lot of time hanging out with Diango. Usually I visit with her each Halloween.

02-Sep-2014 05:58:53

Aslon Dak

Aslon Dak

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Why do you prefer using a longsword instead of a scimitar or 2-handed sword?

I've always liked to train my Attack, Defence, and Strength equally. Not sure why. I just have. Pre-EOC, the only practical way to do this was to use the controlled(thrust)attack, and the longsword had a higher-hitting, though slightly slower version of this sort of stab attack than the scimitar. Sure, the 2-hander hits harder than both the longsword or the scimitar, but I like to employ a shield. Since EOC, this makes even more sense, since without a shield you cannot use the rejuvenate ability. I do keep a rune 2-handed handy for those rare occasions when extra damage becomes a priority, however in nearly all cases I find a trusty rune long does just fine.

Do you even own a scimmy?

Currently, I have 41 rune scimitars in my bank. I bought the first one a long time ago, in case I decided to use one in place of the longsword, just for variety. All the rest I have found as drops. For some reason, instead of selling them I simply started collecting them. Not sure why. I just have.

Aside from the Rune Longsword, what are some of your other favorite weapons?

The Exquisite Claw, Exquisite Whip, and the fiercely fowl weapon known as the Rubber Chicken.


Yes. I've used the RC to take out King Scorpions, even a Moss Giant. Took a while, but I did it. One of these days, I'm thinking of going to kill a Lesser Demon wielding just the Rubber Chicken. It's on the list of things I want to try. Some day, when I get around to it.

You say you are a Guthix Knight. Please explain.

Without going into great detail, we are warriors who follow nearly all the teachings of Guthix. We acknowledge him as a Tier 2 God, but do not so much worship him as we do admire his accomplishments as well as his intentions. While we see the need for balance between Law and Chaos, we are not so even-handed as Guthix himself between the virtues of Good and Evil.

02-Sep-2014 06:03:58

Aslon Dak

Aslon Dak

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A mix of both Order and Freedom is the best way to bring about the most amount of Good for the greatest number of beings. As alignment goes, whereas Guthix would be pure Neutral, consider us to be Neutral Good. We abide by a certain code, but I've already gone into more detail than I had intended.

So how many other Guthix Knights are there?

At least two, who I know personally, but beyond that I will not say.

Who did you support during the World Events?

Saradomin and Armadyl.

Are you in a clan?

I led a clan for awhile. I started it with my best friend, then two other friends joined us. I was thinking of disbanding the clan anyway, but when the 6th Age began the four of us agreed to break up the clan. My three friends have decided to create a new clan based upon service to Seren. I consider myself friendly to Seren and her followers, but remain free from the responsibilities of a clan.

Would you like to join my clan?

Thank you for asking, but no.

Could you give me free money?

Could I? Yes. Will I? No.

02-Sep-2014 06:06:50

Aslon Dak

Aslon Dak

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Ok, so far so good. Only one unnecessary, idiotic computer-generated censoring of a completely harmless name. Could've been worse.

I shall now throw it open to questions. Anyone have any? :)

02-Sep-2014 06:11:47

Aslon Dak

Aslon Dak

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I had a quick chat with Hans this afternoon, and was told I will be able to claim the 10-year veteran cape tomorrow!

However, I am on the east coast of the U.S.A. and my reset hour is 8pm local time. This means I will be able to claim the 10-year cape in two hours! :D

03-Sep-2014 23:00:00

Holly Leone

Holly Leone

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Congratulations on getting the 10-year cape and hood, Aslon! :)

As you know, I started in RuneScape three days after you did. I just claimed my 10-year items this afternoon! Of course, my personal celebration of this milestone event will be a bit more subdued than yours. :P

I have a question for you, my friend: Now that you have the 10-year cape, will you finally be retiring that black cape of yours? Even back when we had the clan devoted to Guthix, you were the only one out of all us who didn't dye their capes green to match our Guthix armor!

10 the time has gone by! Again, well done old friend. :)

07-Sep-2014 21:18:44

Aslon Dak

Aslon Dak

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Thank you both for your kind words! :) The three of us sure have seen some times together.

As for my classic black cape, Holly...well you know me. :p I'm currently wearing the 10-year cape, but I have the black cape in my backpack so I can switch back to it at any time.

Oh, and the other night, after I got the cape, part of my celebration included making several kills wielding the dreaded Rubber Chicken! I didn't go to the Lesser Demons though. Instead, I went for an ever bigger challenge - the Deadly Red Spiders! I went into the Varrock sewers and just before I reached the spiders' lair, I switched weapons and began to attack the Deadly Reds using the Rubber Chicken. I killed the first one while using Momentum. That took about a minute. Then, I switched to Full Manual and killed another 5 Deadly Reds using abilities and the 'Chicken. Ever employ the Overpower ability while armed with a Rubber Chicken? More like Underpower. Certainly underwhelming, as you'd expect. Still, I managed to hit in the 700s with it. Not exactly the most powerful weapon in all of RuneScape indeed! However, it was fun and that's what's important. Well, fun for me anyway...not so much for the Deadly Reds. :D

Congrats on getting your 10-year cape, Holly! I know very well you started a few days after I did. ;) Adriana, you'll get to claim one someday. I know you qualify for a 5-year cape anyway, even though I know capes aren't really your style. Hehe.

Aslon Dak: still 'Scaping after 10-plus years!

Oh, I like that. I think I'll use it as a signature. :D

09-Sep-2014 22:21:46

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