road to 200m all skils dmm

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hey guys returnng rs veteran wanting to max/post max 200ms.

currently at 2050 total lvl and top 20 to max. I was rank 7 at one point! I play 18 hrs a day on average so I can get carried away at times!

my goals wil be shown below!

cmbs:750 hrs slayer excllusuively

ranged: slayer exclusively

prayer: ens heads 100m loss 200 hrs

magic: high alching 200m loss

runecraft: lavas 450 hrs

construction: mahog planks600m loss 100 hrs

agility: brimhaven agility arena 500 hrs side goals include 200m magic/fletch while doing both

herblore: 200 hrs will have an alt buying secondaries/herbs so that cuts the time in half

thieving: 200 hrs pyramid plunder 9 scepters so farin 40 m xp started at 91 to 50m xp

crafting: molten glass 300m loss

fletching: broad bolts 1m xp per hr 200 hr negative profit

slayer: 1500 hrs longest/hardest/ will be my last due to dmm difficulty.(will be my ultimate downfall cash wise gear etc is so much)

hunter: currently 71m xp 250 hrs blk chins 100m profit

mining: blast mining 650 hrs 600m profit

smithing: gold ores/rune items from blast mining post 99 300m loss or way less if do it last instead of golds. 400 hrs

fish: minnows(have full angler) 500m profit 700 hrs

cooking: make wines 35m profit loss 200m achieved 4/19/2018

firemaking:wintertodf with friends/redwoods 150 hrs breaking even

woodcut:redwoods 800 hrs

farming: currently have been, post 99 faring just checking my calquats so i will just do that for a few years then move onto something faster such as mages on my 2nd year

8k hrs 200m all so all in all 4 years down the road i may be 200m all.

if you got to the end of this thread thx for your patience!

EDIT; will update this according to most updated methods

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Post a picture of your stats & bank! Yeah you can make it since No Exp is lost when you die with no skull. ^_^ Going for 200M All Skills QFC: 48-49-837-63099395
My Youtube user name: birdman258 200MCook ProfitCook 200mPrayer MakinWines MyF2pSkillers

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