Quest Procrastination

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Is it just me or does everyone start a quest and then end up doing something else and not completing the quest? Iíve recently unlocked Priff but I ended up getting 99 divination before completing it as I really didnít want to quest. I have just completed 99 prayer and instead of unlocking curses like I probably should, I ended up doing Curse of the Black Stone and completing that.. Iím currently working on my 4th 99 in crafting instead of actually doing desert treasure. Any tips or tricks to help keep me on track of unlocking my goal of curses instead of getting distracted?

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I've only done that with one quest, and I'm still currently taking a break from it:

Broken Home. Worst. Quest. Ever!

I finally got around to starting it last year, but I grew bored of it. I suppose I'll have to get back to it, at some point.

The only other quest I have yet to do is Missing Presumed Death. I am saving that as a reward for when I FINALLY get around to finishing Broken Home. :p

As for the other quests, I can't say I've had any problems focusing on finishing them. The short ones are easy enough to just power through, and the longer ones held my interest long enough for me to complete them. I enjoy the stories, and of course the rewards. :)

Broken Home though...yeah, no enjoyment there yet. Hopefully, it'll get better.
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