Corporeal siege

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The atmosphere grew tense as the very fabric of the world began to crack. members of the Forever Star clan readied their spears and godswords in anticipation of the Corporeal beast's respawn. I stayed back ready with my Crystal bow in hand. As the beast tore its way back into the corporeal world i knew I wouldn't be able to do much against it, but still i could at least contribute.

With a ROAR the beast burst into the cave, and we all began laying into it. i fired a flurry of explosive shots, and attempted snipe its weak points while our tanks kept it distracted and other members laid into it with zamorak's spears.

adrenaline coursed through my veins as the beast was nearing its end, when the dark core broke loose and shot about thee battlefield in search of souls to heal itself. the clan side stepped its attempts at leeching from them until finally it shot toward our back lines, towards me.

Without much time to think i gathered my magical energies and Surged forward toward the beast. Owning my haste I lept onto its back as it tried to stomp down upon me, and as it ROARED in frustration i jumped to the monsters head. from my pouch pulled an incendiary arrow and quickly launched it down the beast's maw, before half jumping half falling from its head.

It bellowed once more as it's innards were torn asunder by the blast from my explosive arrow, and the beast fell once more.

I took a deep breath and laughed as i walked over to its vanishing corpse while my clan mates prepared for the next spawn. as I surveyed its massive jaws something rolled out of its mouth toward my feet. i bent over and picked up the Regen bracelet. I took the item with a smile, while not the most notable drop of the beast it was still something. with that i returned to the back lines and prepared to fight the beast again.
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