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do you know of the deep wildy?the abondoned church,west of lava maze,then a little to the south?it has a dark history,people went there for treasure,it is said that they were told about it by some..thing,nobody could make out his face but they thought it was a treasure hunter when they went for it,but the group of heroes knew they were zarosians luring them to their is unknown why they died,I had reports that one of the last words from one person was "pure chaos is consuming me!oh my god its the cha-aah!" Thats all that was returned,and the messenger died 4 days later by suicide,and he said "I cant handle this life,the memory of the beast is haunting my dreams,i woke up each time breathing hard,i cant live through this hell anymore,i have to get out of this misery." later that day i was called in by a member of the guild.i went to the guild,saw the members gathered close crying. I asked them why they were crying,they said that they just had another member commit suicide for the same reason as the others. I asked them why did he commit suicide,one of them said "they went out for fake tresure,lured they partner to their deaths,and the other either dies there or commits suicide" "we called another member to help you,Max from Varrock,you two are the bravest of them all" a few minutes passed while i was waiting,soon enough Max showed up,in his usual looks, "he also knows how to get rid of his hauntings and chaos forever" a guild member said. we were sent to the wilderness*** we went deep,we got to the castle,the sight was horrific,one person with his eyes torn out,another with 6 stab wounds,and another with his guts ripped out.we almost threw up.neither of us knew what did this,and everything looked calm.max set up a fire and cooked us some shark.a few hours passed,and it came,a horror,the only monster we could think of was...chaos elemental!max held a holy book,chanted the words,and it blew up,i was sick,and he teled back to to the guild and told the good news!

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^ yeah...
I read a few sentences and stopped. Undercooked pasta.
Space out some paragraphs, provide supporting details, capitalize (please!!) and FOR SARADOMIN'S SAKE, MAN, PUT SPACES AFTER YOUR PUNCTUATION!!!
This pasta does not create any type of atmosphere, and especially because you should be prepared to put some time into writing. This, honestly, looks like it was written by a child with no experience with writing pastas much less something as easy as a school report.

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I have a good one. warning: not recommended for those who are faint of heart, or those who have anger issues, commence the story!

The Cursed User: Soraz Kage:

It was a boring autumn day in 2009, where a young american boy would finally make his runescape account, the child first saw runescape when he was eight. He witnessed two teenagers in clan wars fighting an opposing clan, he was fascinated by the social/medieval MMORPG, and curious of what it was. Eventually, on that autumn day, he eventually created an account who's name was sonictropper, although the boy was a rather proficient speller for his age, he still derped and was stuck with this name for a long time. The young lad was delighted by the world of runescape, it was almost like a best friend, since in his real life, he was a social outcast, and the school believed him to have an unstable sanity. Runescape was all the friend he needed, he explored all across the virtual land, took offense even if he was insulted by an NPC, but he was rather quiet on runescape, like his non-social ways in real life. Eventually, the child got a membership, all the endless joy he had in f2p was amplified, things were getting better for him in the real world too. He slimmed down a little, made some friends, and got a grip on his sanity. Eventually, he wished to change his name to Soraz Kage, based off the naming structure for some characters in greentea3s fan-animations. Then, his madness took over, he still maintained the newfound popularity in the real world, but his teenager-like insanity drove him to be one of the most infuriating players in the game. The child, now a teenager haunts friends chats, forums, you name it. Rumor has it that you'll be infected by his madness and get annoyed by being in the same world as him. This curse makes him the most annoying player in existence!

Well, I think I told my legend rather well, see you all in your nightmares, and no, I WON'T be giving away autographs!

17-Aug-2013 22:21:09

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