Stan Remix by Eminem

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This ones for you Mark. Dont have time to finish it ;; was tough to write
You have to listen to Stan - Eminem for this to make any sense.

you still dont log im wonderin why you must have private off
all morning waiting on pm bro you dont join cc at all
and even if you would thered be walls of flame muffin & sivling'd kick them all
it remindsssss me that your awesomeee man youre awesomeeee mannnnn

dear mr im too good to follow dance my fans
thisll be the last unban request i ever send u dad
its been six months login still wont work i dont deserve it?
i know i shoulda had the last two accepted i answered the questions on them perfect

so this my friend request im sending you i hope you hear it
im in karamja now wrapping bananas in my team cape

hey mark i drank a wizards mind bomb dare me to fly?
through al kharid on a magic carpet with trim on the sides

i loved you mark we coulda teamed together think about it
you noobed it now i hope you sleep on ur keyboard n dream about it
i hope you get tbed and bsed by your team for thousands
i hope you stake ur gp in the arena n someone cheats you out it

anyway gotta go almost at the ge now oh no i forgot not posed to sell this out crashhhhhh

11-Dec-2016 19:50:13

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