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im the energizer bunny when im dead ill still be drumming
n if you seek good vibes then you could really get this sunrise from me
even if you hate me you gon love me this that gravy make the butterflys go crazy in ur tummy
catch a roast that leave you begging for ur mummy take ur g p easy peazy make you beg g e for money
this aint an accident im blatantly not funny i should read some books that teach me how to make it as a dummy
best be patient if ur aimin to expunge me thinkin u can do it if the son of damian cant touch me
swags contagious if its raining or its sunny i dont change i stay complacent doesnt phase me if you bug me
sweet escape is tough to reach when pounding waves from roughest seas ensure which hasnt sunk will sink
had to switch it up my act was weak id rather be the man n teach kids how to peak their cavity n reach mental capacity
lacking vanity is half the key dont ask for it demand the peace expand ur reach insist on getting which of that you seek
proper grammar comes latter start the pattern off with fantasy imagine things n trust me itll happen keep on practicing
evolution doesnt kick in naturally our minds adapted rapidly through time to prevent casualty
take this as a sign its time you snap n reap ur mind is more adept at feats than any that this land has seen
catch me casually dismantling like half ur team dont have to blink n giving you back everything you had for free
king of the castle slash ur majesty its splash the beast it has to be i stack ge n make bananas crash for weeks
bring the water back to we give em what they asked to see loud actions team n hit the gas n pin it til the tasks complete

11-Dec-2016 18:46:16

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