Existential Fate

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get lost at a steady rate in attempt to meditate in every way the internet could ever state
be on your bless way wave goodbye to yesterday i dont know how to move it somehow it always gets in way
is it a heavy box or an empty crate i cant decide the truth and have less a clue how it gets this way
test your faith in relentless ways extend your stay rest for days forget to pay say whatever i guess ok succumb to an existential fate
press replay make it bend just to stretch it straight take all the pain and stress away attempt to change
sway from being adept to stray say what you really meant to say recollect a phase wrap ur head in reflective tape
aim to maintain a progressive swag distance yourself from obsessive hate
ignore the punks aggressive shade & all the empty threats they make
wear a tag that doesnt represent your name tell your friends youre gay just to inspect their face
detect a case better yet be the best detective yet to date cheat on a test complain detest your grades
make a gigantic mess with paint press eject on the deck n let the tape unwravel on the gravel as it collects its space
realize theres more to life than sex n pay get in the limelight when the times right impress your bae
give a cheque away to the less ok on xmas day as a present just to represent and project your taste
get hella respect ingame from some of the biggest legends whom ever played
pull a sparc mac say lets pk contend your mate in a dm sip a strength pot pretend to safe
he lags gets delayed by ur 2h forgets to protect his plate
get pjed by a team get enraged collect your bank a dds & accept the stake
forget to double check the 2nd window a second late your opponent added range and took ability to do specs away
get wrecked by the obby rings of an nh tank
press x escape debate an essential break to invest energy potentially better spent in a separate place
do it just to prove it with no regret or intent to save and last but not least kapeesh

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