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In the early 21st century, Jagex Limited, creator of the virtual reality game Runescape 3, went out of business shortly after the worldwide catastrophe of the mind-shift. All the players still alive had their minds restored to their rightful bodies, the Jagex staff was rescued from the kidnappers, the hackers were severely punished, and the Vatican withdrew its condemnation of Runescape. Still, the memory of the incident was too much, and the game was shut down.

In the year 2035, an American company bought the rights from Jagex Limited and started a new game. This is the story of that game: RuneSpace 1.


Name- page,post

Introduction and TOC- 1,1
My Rant: 1,2
Chapter 1: A New Generation- 1,3
Chapter 2: Lumbridge- 1,6
Chapter 3: Exploration- 1,9
Chapter 4: Varrock- 2,4
Chapter 5: Clans- 2,9
Chapter 6: A New Foe- 3,5
Chapter 7: Quests- 3,8
Chapter 8: The Arena- 4,4
Chapter 9: DRoM- 5,4
Chapter 10: White Navy- 6,1
Chapter 11: Dragon Slayer- 6,7
Chapter 12: Finale- 7,6
THE END- 8,3
Other Tales- 8,4

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As many of you know, the old thread was locked due to massive amounts of spam. Personally I think that the lock was unfair to me, but if a lock is what it takes for you people to get the message, so be it.

I'll say what I said on the other thread prior to its locking:

1. Only bump if this thread is past page 3 <-NEW NUMBER
2. Only compliment the story if you have not already done so since the last addition to the story.
3. Only offer suggestions or criticism if it is well thought out.
4. EDIT: Don't ask me to write more/ write a sequel. There already is a sequel called "Fall of Saturn" (QF:49-50-926-44480472)
5. NEVER ADVERTISE ANOTHER THREAD! From now on you will be reported immediately, without warning.
6. If somebody else breaks these rules, ignore them. I'll deal with them. When five people post to lecture somebody who made two spam posts, you're doing more harm than good.
7. No asking can I make a similar story, can I make a copy of this story, etc. Here are my answers:
a. You may make a similar story as long as it is not a deliberate ripoff of this one (i.e. same plot, same characters, and/or same specific ideas).
b. You may make a copy of this story onto a word processor on your computer, but you may not post it anywhere.
8. And for god's sake no more bios!

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Chapter 1: A New Generation

The alarm clock began beeping loudly, waking up Josh. The fifteen-year-old sat up. Was it time for school already? He fell back onto his pillow and dozed off again. The sensors in the room detected his heart rate slowing and the alarm came back on, louder than ever.

This time Josh got out of bed. He knew what would happen if he fell asleep again and did not feel like getting soaked in cold water.

He got dressed, combed his short brown hair, and splashed water on his clear-complexioned face. Both his parents were already at work, so he fixed his own breakfast and brushed his teeth.

He went back to his room and sat in the computer chair. It sensed his weight and a dome swung down to cover his head. Inside was a blank screen.

Josh took a deep breath and braced himself before turning the computer on. Going from real life to virtual reality was a surreal experience, somewhat like falling asleep while still awake. It wasn't painful, but it was a little uncomfortable and unnerving when you were new to it.

"On," he said.

He felt his limbs go cold and muscles spasm as random images flashed before his eyes and a roaring, buzzing, whistling noise filled his ears. A warm sensation passed along his nerves almost like his spinal cord had a sip of hot cocoa on a cold day.

Finally Josh found himself gasping in the large, empty, white room. Getting up, he spoke once more.

"Open Internet Explorer. Shortcut: school."

He was standing in the school lobby, in the middle of virtual representations of his schoolmates. Some were talking, most were staring at the large chalkboard on the wall. It was different for each child and showed how many hours of each class they had completed and how many they had left to complete for the entire year.

Josh had completed everything except math, which he still had a long way to go on. So he turned to the math hallway and started walking.

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Josh's best friend Tyler was already inside the Algebra room. They sat down and began talking before class started.

"Have you heard about the new game, RuneSpace?" Tyler asked.

"No. What is it?" asked Josh

"I don't know for sure yet. It comes out tonight and it's going to be big. Will you play? It's only five dollars per month!"

"I don't know. I-"

Suddenly they were interrupted by the teacher, who had appeared at the front of the room. "Class is starting. Now be quiet, young men."

Tyler looked at Josh as if to say, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Josh nodded and turned to the teacher, a look of intense concentration on his face.

Ever since schools could no longer afford the gas to put in school buses and every home could afford a computer, school had been virtual reality like this. The only problem they had yet to solve was minimization.

Josh minimized the window that he was attending school in and found himself in the white room once more.

"Open Instant Messenger," said Josh to the computer.

He appeared in a chatroom, which was literally a room. He was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room. Suddenly a small table appeared in front of him and sitting on the other side was Tyler.

"So what were you going to say?" asked Tyler.

"Hold on," replied Josh. "I'm getting a text ema(c)il from Dad."

A piece of paper appeared on the table in front of him.


I recieved this because I was on the mailing list of Runescape 3. It looks like they're starting some new game. I'm a bit too old to play, but if you'd like to, I'd be willing to pay the subscription.


What followed was an ema(c)il advertisement for RuneSpace.

"I guess I'll play then."

"Cool," said Tyler, smiling. "The servers open at 6:00 PM. I'll see you there."

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They closed the instant messenger and went back to school. Once it was over, Josh disconnected and rushed through his homework and dinner so that he would be done by 6. Josh's Dad paid, so when the moment arrived, he plugged back into the computer.

"Open Internet Explorer," he said to the white room. "Run a search for RuneSpace. End search criteria."

"325 Results. Number 1: C(C)NN Reports: New game or new catastrophe?-"

"Next result."

"Number 2: RuneSpace Official-"

"Go to."

The white room went black. Distant points of light popped up all around him.

"New Player?"


Josh told the computer all his contact details.

"Choose the best server?" the computer asked finally.

Josh knew that since Tyler lived nearby, they would get the same server. "Yes."

"Welcome to Runespace."

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Chapter 2: Lumbridge

Josh appeared in a grassy meadow. Nearby was a bubbling creek and behind him was a large castle built of metal and concrete as well as some other buildings nearby. There were two players nearby and one of them was Tyler!

They ran and greeted each other, noting that new players were popping up every second. Tyler looked up at the sky and Josh saw his face light up with awe.

Truly it was a dizzying sight. A black void was filled with glittering stars. Also directly above them was a massive orb that filled a large portion of the sky and at an angle, a large yellow sun glittered brightly.

"Is that the moon?" asked Tyler pointing at the sphere.

"I think we're on the moon!"

Josh was proven right as they saw another moon orbit around from behind the planet.

Suddenly, what appeared to be a large grey robot with a golden crown on its chestplate appeared.

"Hello everyone," it said to the group of players that had appeared in front of the castle. "I and all other players you see with a golden crown on our equipment are Jagex Moderators. Our job is to make sure everyone has a safe, enjoyable experience. Also, until we get our tutorial service up and working, we will be introducing new players to this game.

"Now there are many different skills vital to succeeding at this game and you can purchase books explaining these skills at the general store. What I'll be teaching you about is combat.

"As you can see, I'm wearing a suit of mechanized iron armor. This armor protects me from attacks and adds strength to my movements, allowing me to make better attacks."

Two long blades slid out of holes at the moderator's wrists.

"Each mechanical suit is equipped with blades such as these to start with, though you can buy upgrades. The use of mechanized armor and blades falls under the melee skill."

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Suddenly, a grey tank with a gold crown rolled up beside the first moderator. A hatch opened and another moderator got out.

"I'm here to talk to you about ranging. Now the tank is the ideal armor for rangers, but you can also buy ranging attachments for mechanized armor. Basically the ranged skill involves shooting bullets, missiles, and all sorts of things at your enemies."

To the amazement of everyone, a small space-ship dropped out of the sky and began hovering next to the tank and the mechanized armor. It had a sleek design with two laser cannons. It also was grey and had a gold crown painted on the side. With a hiss, the sealed cockpit opened and a third moderator got out.

"Now I'm here to talk to you about energy. The source of energy in RuneSpace is runes. The ones you will be dealing with at first are fuel runes. Fuel runes can be bought almost anywhere, and until you complete a certain quest, that's the only way you can get them.

"The mechanized armor doesn't need runes, it magnifies your movements. Wheeled vehicles such as tanks require a small amount of fuel runes. Interplanetary vessels such as this ship burn the most fuel runes.

"That takes me to another point. Every planet in this solar system is inhabitable and has unique challenges. We are currently on the moon Lumbridge, which orbits Varrock, the second closest planet to the sun. However, the stars you see are simply decoration. For now.

"Finally the second type of runes: laser runes. At first your Energy levels will be too low to use anything but class 1 white lasers, but eventually you will be able to employ class 4 red lasers.

"Laser cannons are typically equipped on spaceships such as this, but you can also equip missile systems on it. Similarly, you can buy laser attachments for mechanized armor and tanks."

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The first moderator spoke up once more. "These vehicles are all single-operator iron units. Each kind of vehicle except mechanized armor comes in different sizes and can fit anywhere from 1 to 5 players. Also each vehicle comes in different metals of varying strength from bronze to rune. More materials come out each week, so keep checking.

"Now if you will step inside Lumbridge Castle you will find a pleasant surprise."

The group of players followed the moderators into the fortress. Inside were tables stretching along the sides of the hallway covered with futuristic weaponry.

"Each of you is to pick up a bronze body as well as a bronze machine gun attachment and a laser cannon attachment. On your way out, you will be supplied with a clip containing 25 rounds for the MG and enough white laser runes for 25 seconds of white laser emission.

"If you want a bronze helmet to go with the mechanized armor, or more ammunition for the attachments, you will need to find it for yourself. May I suggest the general store immediately to the north."

Josh got into the mechanized bronze armor and tried walking. It was clumsy at first, since the armor amplified his movements, but he got the hang of it fast.

So this was RuneSpace.

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Chapter 3: Exploration

Several of the players were fighting each other. Their bronze blades bounced off bare skin harmlessly.

The moderators laughed, "You can't kill another player except in the asteroid belt, which is a dangerous area orbiting around the sun at the edge of our solar system.

"Follow me to our next lesson."

The crowd shuffled north, clanking noisily in their new bronze armor.

"Up ahead are some goblins. They are quite common on the planet Varrock and the moons that orbit it. They aren't too strong, so they are a good monster to kill for practice and loot for valuables.

"Before you go, you should know the nature of skills in this game. Skill levels measure how much experience you have doing a certain thing. At different levels, you will be able to use more and more equipment and do more and more things. However, some things like combat take physical skill, which may be quite different from your skill level. Theoretically, a player with level 1 melee in a bronze suit could defeat a level 99 in a rune suit if their actual skill in combat was different. However, the better your equipment, the better your advantage, so this would happen very rarely.

"One last thing. Although you may not find much use to it yet, each player has access to their very own POM, or Player-Owned-Moon. You can build houses on it, but its main purpose is to store your tanks, space-ships, and other items. There is a portal to your POM on every planet, as well as several temporal rifts in space which will lead there."

Finally, the moderators left, leaving Josh and Tyler free to make their way in the virtual world.

"I think the goblins would be a good place to start," said Tyler.

"Ok, once we have some money we can buy some more equipment. I can't wait to see some of the other planets."

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"Look!" said Josh. He pointed to some goblins that were running around in bronze helmets. "One more thing we won't have to buy from the store."

They ran towards a goblin, which growled at them, fogging up the helmet's visor. Josh and Tyler activated the blades and slashed wildly at the goblin. The goblin jumped up with surprising agility and kicked both of the unskilled warriors in the face.

Josh felt the claws rake across his face and the hot blood drip down his nose. The pain wasn't very strong, and went away instantly, but he was surprised at how realistic the game was.

This time they were a little more careful and blocked the goblins punches and kicks while waiting for opportunities to strike. Finally Tyler saw an opening and slashed at the goblin's side. He was rewarded with a spray of red-black blood and the goblin's roar of pain as it collapsed.

The goblin dissolved into the ground, leaving behind some gold coins and a bronze helmet.

"You take the helmet, since you killed it," offered Josh, picking up the coins.

"Okay, you can get the next one."

"I'm going to try the laser attachment," announced Josh.

"Okay, I'll use the machine gun," agreed Tyler.

After sliding the attachments and ammunition into place, they approached another goblin wearing a bronze helmet. It charged and the duo raised their weapons.

Josh pulled the trigger and felt the laser cannon heat up as the particles were stimulated. Finally a stream of white light silently shot out the barrel and burned a hole through the goblin's stomach.

Beside him, Tyler's machine gun was much louder. The fifteen year old was almost thrown back from the recoil, but he saw the fruit of his efforts as the bullets brought forth a cry from the goblin, which fell over dead.

Tyler moved his medium-length blonde hair from his eyes and scooped up the coins while Josh put on his new bronze helmet.

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