Romance in the Runes

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We've been getting some more questions, and while we can't possibly answer all of them, we can try to burn through at least one or two during this intermission, I hope. :)

Q: So if this is a modified timeline that mostly uses RS2-based lore and rejects Ritual of the Mahjarrat specifically, did Jhallan not get killed by Lucien?

A: Jhallan is still sleeping and awaiting the Ritual. However, many of the relationships established in the original lore are as they were. If these shadows remain unaltered, there is no reason to expect that he will not die.

Q: When are we getting back to Dimka and Al?

A: As soon as we have found them. The sandstorm makes it difficult. Don't rush us; we're doing our best!

21-Jun-2019 06:05:38

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