Into the Ashlands (RP)

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Annie was greatful that she wasn't brought in for more questioning. She felt nervous what will happen next in this adventure but ready for anything that happens next. She heard Vanick order and she said,"Yes sir!" She was ready to follow Vanick back to the ship. -Dances-

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Octavius indeed pointed to the drunken lout. Tall guy, moustache, messy hair. He was easy to remember. After a few others were taken into custody, things settled down and Octavius headed back to the ship just as Vanick ordered.

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Aria seemed entirely unperturbed by anything that had just happened, and as they walked she hummed rather loudly, tapping her staff on the ground in tune with whatever tune she was electing to hum. None of them would be recognizable to either of her walking companions, and probably wouldnít be recognizable to her either had she been paying attention to what she was humming.

She didnít seem bothered by the glances being thrown in her direction, either, even giving Edd a wink when she noticed that he was doing so. Once every few minutes or so, she would take a drink out of the canteen she carried, usually spilling some of the clear liquid when she did so. Each time that happened, sheíd grumble, but it didnít look as though she was particularly bothered.

Upon entering the new tavern, Aria immediately raised a hand as though she was going to call for a drink before pausing, shaking her head, and lowering it. She knew that she didnít need any more, at least not before she went and met the captain of the ship she was supposed to be going on. Some people cared about that sort of thing.

There wasnít much of a cause for alarm, though; it seemed the captain was more than happy to bring on people with specialized skill sets. He didnít even ask any specifics for what she could do, and that was perfectly fine with her. Convincing people that a non-traditional magic user was just as useful as they ones who hyped themselves up could sometimes be a bit bothersome.

No, sir! Iím great with the potentially deadly mission youíre on!
Ē she told him with a grin and a rather poorly executed salute. She spoke at normal volume, although it was clear by her tone that she was being more enthusiastic than sarcastic.
My thought process might be nonexistent.

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