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The Trio made it to the final meeting place and Aranel glanced around. There was no one else in sight.
"We Probably just got here before everyone else. Feel free to sit down and relax."
She turned to Annie.
"Do not go far if you can't rest."
Aranel remembered the incident in Draynor and did not want Annie wandering away and attracting unwanted attention.

Aranel herself sat down and leaned back against the fence. She hoped it wouldn't be long before the rest of the group arrived. She positioned her hood in a way that it wouldn't be able to be moved in case someone got curious and leaned her head back against the vertical railings. The gloom seemed to be sapping her energy, though she knew it wasn't able. It was a mental thing.

Aranel closed her eyes and rested her hand protectively over her bow-string, signifying her awareness of what was going on around her despite her relaxed state.
All we can do is wait.
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Annie was disappointed that she couldn't be a phoenix because she thought it was very cool to become a Phoenix. She said,
"I thought you can cast a spell to become a Phoenix but I guess not."
She was happy they were close to the place where they are supposed to meet the others.

When they finally got to the place where they where supposed to meet everyone. She heard what Aranel just said her. She said,
"I won't."
She sat down for a while to rest but,she got ants in her pants and started exploring around her. She walked farther and father away from the group but close enough to find her way back.

After a few minutes later, she decided to practice what Aranel and the wizard taught her. She kept her emotions in check and was able to control her fire. Then all of a sudden vines came out of no where. She was in shock but she kept her emotions in control.

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Nah, a spell won’t make someone something they’re not.
” Seyasiani said before plopping down on the ground and lying on her back spread-eagled. She didn’t look to be nearly as vigilant or aware as their elven companion, and her next words proved that entirely.

I’m soooooo tired!
” she announced, shutting her eyes as she tried to find the most comfortable place on the ground to rest her head. Unable to find much of anything, she considered turning into a phoenix, but that would make her get up first and that would be more of a hassle than she wanted to deal with.

Choosing to remain on the ground, she just decided to deal with it and said with a yawn, “
Hey, wake me up when they get here, will ya?

There wasn’t even time for a decent response before she drifted off, the exhaustion of the day finally getting the best of her.
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Amidst drunkenness, Two-two scuttled down the road. She saw a few highwaymen, then a few dwarves, even some barbarians. Did she go the wrong way? Or had she lost her friends? Oh well, she had her great helm in her hands to mumble to!

Draynor Manor was easy to miss. Actually, it wasn’t. Whatever transpired, Two-two’s head rammed into a tree and she fell over. She shook her head and got back up. Disorientated, she scampered about the trees, unsure if it was daytime, nighttime, or what.

“There’s a magic cabbage somewhere around here. It’s part of an invincibility potion that the Black Knights need. Ha! I must have eaten it! Rarr!” Another tree to the face knocked her down to her butt. She put her great helm on, albeit backwards, and looked around. “Why can’t I see!?”

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((Hey Riniya! I just wanted to say I'm really enjoying this story so far! I haven't finished yet though, still on page 13 :P As a total roleplay noob who knows almost nothing about RS lore (due to not enjoying quests), I wanted to talk to you and ask questions about possibly making my own story like you have. But you either have PM off or are only on when I'm asleep or at work haha.))
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I have been on vacation the past 2 weeks and have not been on RS (the game) at all. I have been around vaguely though here on the forums - just now saw your post. I will be on the game Mon- Fri around 12P - 1P Estrn Time-- Feel free to add me and message me if you need to!))
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