Ode to an RS Duckling's Death

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There once was a duckling
how had it coming.
It sought death
with its every breath

It sought to die
by waddling into a Wild Pie

It swam in lava
It drank poisoned java

It became a Slayer Task
It tried to fight a Cave Horror for a Black Mask

It insulted Jad
It ate a Karambwan that had gone bad

It tried to solo Nex
It made fun of a Pker clan's Vex

It ran the Brimhaven Agility Arena
It tried to deliver to the Black Skulls a subpoena

It took on dragonfire
It's blood was drained by a vyre

It set off traps
It insulted Jas

But no matter what the duckling would do
Death would not take you

10-Mar-2019 01:30:45

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