clan history of w31 wk version

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I finally came across this thread after 6 years. I was apart of Dark Moon and wish to get into contact with Poopeater206 or who later became known as Lord Darkeet, I also would like to get into contact with WolfMorgue, Its been awhile, well a really long time actually, and want to know if they still play, If either of you see this, shoot me a pm, By the way, my old name was Chargers580 if you even remember me.

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This gets better and better every time I read it.
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Hey! Yasha_boy277 here (now formally Yasha277), you have me marked down as leader of The Golden Midas, however TGM was formed later and was separate from these affairs.

Essentially what happened was I had joined Erereric's spartan army and quickly rose through the ranks due to my activity and pride displayed, and eventually ended up becoming third in command of the clan.

On one fateful day, the second in command had betrayed us (forgot his name), and Erereric had not logged in for quite a while, so I made an offer to the rest of the clan to reform with me as the new leader since I was next in line, however I had given the Spartans the chance to vote and decide if they were okay with me being leader or wanted to decide someone else. To my excitement, everyone unanimously agreed they'd like me as leader.
Not even exaggerating, it was actually unanimous and that made me really happy, lol.

With me as the new leader I established a few changes, the primary ones being that we would be known formally as The Spartan Army, and would take that title seriously. Joining the clan was now considered an undertaking as we only accepted those we truly believed would be able to handle being called a Spartan.

The other primary change was that I no longer accepted cowardly behavior, and we trained and recruited to finally fight back against the White Knights.

In a clan war, we won against the White Knights and claimed Falador for our own. A short time later, I initiated a treaty with jonathann226 and made a deal where we would return all of Asgarnia to them (including Falador) in exchange for our control over Kandarin. This is also when we turned from enemies to rivals with the WKs, and later allies as we formed a large alliance of multiple clans including The Spartan Empire, the White Knights, and the Royal Empire that we called Union 31. This was in order to face the rising threat of the Black Knights, led by big_guy3000.

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I have much more information I could share regarding the events of the time, but it would take ages to type this all out. If you have any questions you can contact me in-game, private messaging me is open to the public.

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I'll never forget you cy and oben, or Big's attempt at turning the black knights into the temple knights which only lasted a week. (Anyone here ever talk to Bets Knight again?) The amount of names I'm seeing here, who surprisingly still have membership is quite the shock.

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