Three Letters, Three Words.

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Hey all,
This is a game where someone puts 3 random letters, and then the next poster has to make 3 words out of them, to make a short sentence or something like that. For example...:
Poster 1: WGH
Poster 2: Waffles Grating Halibet. CPB
Poster 3: Catching Pink Bananas. DAL
Poster 4: Dragons?! Aargh, Lumpy!
You can use names (eg. HAD - Harry Ate Diamonds).
And so on and so forth.
Please don't give people ridiculously hard letters, like XZX...
Please, nothing rude, I know it's tempting, but please resist.
If there is already a thread like this, please, please, tell me and I'll ask for it to be locked. I apologise in advance if I have copied your thread in any way.
I'll start...PCG.

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