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There is a game me and my wife wishes to play with everyone Here on Rs.
The game is simple. you must find my wife!. we will provide certian info to the highest chances of finding her on!. other than that there will not be much clues because we wish to make this a challange to everyone! she will be more than likely be hiding with her private off. she will move around but in general speaking she does the same routine! She does lots of slayer in the Sophanem slayer dungeon. she always banks at the burthorpe bank! her slayer master is in priff. she normaly does not boss! she always does dungon every night as a challange! around 7 pm to 8 pm.she always uses the varrok ge by using a loftd ring! she always banks at burthorpe at 8pm! she always does her invention stuff north of fally!. the times she plays normly are est 9 am to 10 am on sunday mornings as well 1 pm-3 pm in the sunday afternoon as well as normaly around 7 pm *give or take 30 minutes* to 10 pm on sunday nights. the rest of the time is monday - saturday the chances of finding her best are at 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm then 7pm till 10 pm at night. the chances of the worlds she will be on are any canada severs. along with world 2 every night around 8-9pm world 2 burthorpe loadstone gathering magic logs! the winners prize will 200m! in order to win you must get her attention by trade and quoting the talk Alba militem number of times.!*she tends to not be very attentive to her suroundings as you would do* then pm me the location of her and i will comfirm weither you have found her or not! you must trade her. good luck and have a very good hunt! her user name is Sea Song!

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Eh what?!


Just ignore the OP above and read this message for contents!
This thread is a Hide and Seek question and answer gag forum game!
One player answers the question in a gag and then writes a gaggy question for next player and so on! This forum game must have anything about seeking, searching, hiding related!
My goals and achievements on F2P accounts! ---> Thread! <---

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