~*Countries and Cities A-Z*~V3

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Welcome to ~*Countries and Cities A-Z*~V3!

I have recreated this thread, per the forum specific rules, since it was maxxed out over a year ago and not recreated. When this thread maxxes, Douncebown is the next author, if he/she wants.

V1 created by Pengieee
V2 created by Ruby Inferno
V3 created by Twillow

So, this is how you play...
One player starts by posting a real country OR city (if you say a city, you must also include which country that city is part of) in alphabetical order, the starting letter of the country/city being A. The next player posts one beginning with B, next with C, etc. etc., until you reach Z. After Z has been posted, you start again with, of course, A.

Please do not post twice in a row deliberately.

Only post real countries/cities, this means you cannot post cities from Runescape. Use your knowledge of the world or simply look at a world map. Try posting unusual-sounding ones, the odder the better!

You want an example? Oh all right then...
Here is an example game just so you know exactly what to do:

Player 1:

Player 2:
Budapest (Hungary)

Player 3:

Player 2:
Dublin (Ireland)

and so on =)
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