I visit the Forum Games V2

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Welcome to I visit the Forum Games V2

How to Play

Do u visit the Forum Games more frequent than the others? Prove it. Leave a post when u visit the Forum Games and increase the winning chances of your respective category.

Each post of a Player increases their score by 1.
Each post of a Forum Mod increases their score by 10.
Each post of a Jagex Mod (or LMod) increases their score by 25.

The category which reaches a score of 1000 first will be declared as the category which visits the Forum Games the most and of course, the winner of this Game :)


• You can post only once per hour.
• If you post in less than an hour, your post will not be considered valid.
• When you post, please use the template provided at the end of this post. Copy and paste the Template provided and alter only the category to which you belong, to increase the score. Though you do not belong to the other categories, using the template makes it easier to compare the score with the other categories.
• Posts which do not use the template will be considered invalid.
• Invalid posts will be ignored and will not increase the score of their respective category.


Credit to True Friend for the original thread. As he has not posted in well over a year I am re-creating the thread but he is of course welcome to reclaim within the forum's specified time limit and I will have a friendly FMod lock this thread.
I also took the liberty of adding our wonderful LMods to the JMod group, as was agreed on Page 158 of the V1 thread.
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