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L-Mods are back!
And we are eager to start a new forum-game with you.
We're the purple ones and purple happens to be one of my favourite colours!


Just reply with one purple thing that comes to your mind.

I'll go first:

Community Partner | Working with Jagex to Make the Forums Great Again | Keep an eye out for the
purple posts

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We can really use some Community Partners within the HLF forums. Those have been abandoned by Jagex for a long time. Maybe we can get some constructive discussion there again. Jagex 2019 New Year Resolution... MTX our customers until RS3 SERVER SHUTDOWN PARTY!
The RS3 Community is treated like :@RUBBISH:@ due to constant TH promotions.

Don't buy keys on Treasure Hunter, if you do Jagex will only make more TH promotions :(

18-Feb-2018 04:55:25

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