Weighing in on Agility trainin

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Gemma Lyn
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Gemma Lyn

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Having more item weight decreases the success rate for agility obstacles because it's more difficult to be agile with that extra weight.

I suggest that having more weight also increases agility xp. Successfully passing an obstacle with more weight would be a greater achievement, and would logically improve the player's ability to pass obstacles in the future.

Ideally, the xp gain would be proportionate to the weight, or at least the fail chance. For example, if 1 kg raises the chance of failure by 1%, then 1 kg would raise the xp gain by 1%. "Negative" weight should either be ignored or lower the xp rate, depending on how it effects the success rate.

This new mechanic would add a new risk/reward factor and allow players to train Agility slightly faster. New meta: train agility with an inventory of gold helmets :P

(Yea, kg is a measure of mass, but it's the unit RS uses for weight)

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If it was based on fail chance nobody would use it, since a linear scale wouldn't be worth the risk of missing out at points entirely, since you do not just lose xp for your failed attempt, you lose time on top of that - and the chance for this to happen is proportional to the xp you gain when it works.

At most it would be a bonus for stuff you can fail anyway, but nobody sane would deliberately construct scenarios to benefit from it.
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