Make woodcutting like mining

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Now that the newly implemented mining mechanics are A+ and pretty much everyone love it, time to add this mechanic to trees. And with it, make new hatchets to match the new metals and introduce a hatchet that combines the inferno adze with a crystal hatchet, a "flame and song" hatchet if you will. I don't think the skill needs reworking since its always been in a decent position. Just carry the mining mechanics over.

04-Feb-2019 21:17:05

Vengeance Of
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I wouldn't mind it. Or at least give them a healthbar like the Arc 'Shrooms instead of being random. WC is in such a dreadful place that it's probably only third to Agility and Construction in need of an overhaul. Shame really, I used to love that skill when I was a F2P about ten years ago.

05-Feb-2019 04:45:38

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I agree they should do a Fletching/Woodcutting rework. For the most part, fletching is a pretty lame skill. They made the whole thing, with the exception of a few members items, f2p already.

06-Feb-2019 08:29:29

Thunder Jinx
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Tenebri said:
they said in stream they wont be reworking other skills to this extent not in near future anyway

Considering it took them 6-7 years to rework mining/smithing I guess it was always safe to assume a new skill rework isn't going to happen in the first 5 years.
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06-Feb-2019 11:26:12

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