Smithing Hammers (Speed boost)

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Smithing could use a speed boost in the smithing of items, it just feels so slow. Just like there is a faster smithing time for smelting elder rune bars at a certain level, we could have a set of specialised hammers to speed up the time it takes to smith items.

Goblin Hammer - Smiths items 5% faster (Level 50 Smithing requirement & Level 45 Strength)

Varrockian Hammer - Smiths items 9% faster (Level 60 Smithing requirement & Level 55 Strength)

Elvish Hammer - Smiths items 15 % faster (Level 75 Smithing requirement & access to Prifddinas required & Level 70 Strength)

Dwarven Hammer - Smiths items 25% faster (Level 90 Smithing requirement & Level 85 Strength)

The hammers will not stack bonuses and the hammers appearance should be bigger and bigger, the higher tier they are. For an example; The Dwarven Hammer could be the size of a Godsword and because of it's size and weight it has the power to smith items faster.


22-Mar-2019 08:53:03

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