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I have not made unfinished bolts in quite some time and forgot how tedious it is using the feathers on the bolts.. I have carpel tunnel in my hands and i still enjoy every aspect of this game and have for many years but possibly would there be a way you could implement making bolts to have a make x amount when used on feathers just like the arrows? You could also make it that when you use a feather on the unfinished bolt it just continues to make about 10 instead of even adding the x amount option that way people could still do their spam clicking for experience to finish up quicker and people like me can just let it go and be there for a longer period of time so people like me don't have to suffer in pain with my hands... After a good 10 mins even with taking breaks my hands continue to hurt and then i have to go back to clicking or continue clicking when i am done to move onto my next task.. Thanks!

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