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When I mine in some lighter colored areas or brighter areas such as the desert, it is hard to find / see the Rockertunity Sparkle.

This can also happen when there are a lot of players in a mining area. They can block the view of the sparkle.

Can you please fix this?

I appreciate the sound effect, otherwise I would sometimes not even know it was there.

Thank you,


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I wonder if the best way to do things is, instead of the "sparkle" effect, the Rockertunities should release gas/steam similar to the old "Exploding Rock" random event from, like, ten years ago. A big cloud of billowing smoke/steam would be harder to miss, less dependent on lighting, and theoretically could explain away how Rockertunities give you that massive progress multiplier; a spark caused by your Pickaxe sets off a tiny source of flammable gas, creating a small explosion which knocks some ore loose.

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As a person whom is quite visually impaired and had also noticed this problem in well lit areas , here is a simple solution use the skybox/filter system and lower the contrast. For example when mining Bane ore i have been adjusting, so that it is on the dawn setting where the rockatunities are a little brighter and the glare of the area is not affecting me being able to see the "sparkle". If one gives empathy and solace the the world is a better place

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