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Talon Sumter
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Talon Sumter

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A long long long time ago I had earned the quest cape. Then Jagex added a whole bunch of quests that required much higher levels than I was and than what was previously needed. Because I could not do the new quests, I lost the ability to wear the cape. I was wondering if it were possible to create versions of quest capes. My thought was that because it is treated as an achievement, once you do "x" number of quests or something, then you would turn in the old quest cape for a new one.

22-Feb-2019 05:24:54

Thunder Jinx
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Thunder Jinx

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There is two versions of the quest cape.

Regular quest cape - requires all quests completed.
Master quest cape - requires all quests completed + a lot of weird shit shoehorned in where it doesn't really belong.
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