Legacy mode boss.

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Blackwing said:
Rikornak said:
I mean - they could do story mode esque boss modes: Easier to kill, no killcount and drastically reduced loot.

If Jagex were to do anything of the sort (different versions of bosses), what they should do is make soloable versions of group-only bosses, so that ironmen could actually be genuine ironmen and kill the bosses by themselves, rather than having to rely on others for help, as well as giving normies a chance to kill said bosses if they don't have PvM friends or if they're having a hard time being ready all at the same time.

Yeah, but I mean OP basically wants easy mode versions of all bosses released post EOC. I can't tell if he just wants free loot, killing the bosses to get their lore drops and music - or just kill count to be able to comp.
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