Reworking Tank Armor Buffs

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Perhaps I'm in the minority here as many people in the community generally prefer power armor over tank armor, but I was really hoping that the mining and smithing rework update would address the issue of how unviable tank armor currently is in game.

As is, time consuming gameplay to obtain Superior Tetsu or Achto doesn't make much sense when a lvl 70 GWD armor outclasses T85 or T90 tank armor. I understand that one is meant for DPS purposes and the other is for defensive purposes, but still, a rework for tank armor would be nice.

How would this work? Well, we don't have to nerf power armor or change their current stats. Instead, we could implement piece buffs for each item sort of like how owning one piece of a skilling outfit grants 1% xp gain and having a full set = 5% xp gain. I know pieces like Tetsu and Achto have their set abilities, but they aren't very useful. You don't see very many people using tank armor for this reason, and the other being for low dps. As an example: Let's say owning one piece of Tetsu has a passive ability to reflect back damage to creatures (similar to blood amulet of fury). Having 2 pieces, 3, etc would increase the damage output slightly more. Essentially, you are not changing the overall gist and stats of the tank armor, but instead, having a passive effect similar to the aforementioned. This means that the player is dealing slightly more damage to the monster to compensate for lack of DPS, but at the same time, not in an overwhelming way which would cause power armor to crash in terms of price, or to be nerfed.

I think the main reason for me sharing this idea is the frustrating fact that gameplay like Ports or obtaining other tank armor can be time consuming, yet the rewards aren't very satisfactory. Even with the addition of Ports 2 and other updates, it feels like more work could be done in this field. Perhaps, a secondary rollout to the smithing/mining rework that focuses on existing armor as a way to address this issue?

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Seems to me tank armor is for players who are under leveled, to accompany and loot share viable items more easily. I think this is a decent thing, especially being that a ton of tank armor was just released on all tiers! Cheers for friends helping friends. The armor simply provides you longer stays. Grace armor if you will. Looking at it from this point of view, not too much of an issue is it?

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That is because you don't want to wear tank armour unless you come into a situation something is beating the crap out of you (or simply haven't got anything else available)

Power armour is the better choice the second you can handle the incoming damage - so you can shorting the span of time you have to handle the managable damage. That isn't failed design, players just choose the more fitting tool for their respective jobs.
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