Add "hr/min ago" to GE History

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Also maybe an "At Limit" checkbox? Too often I put in an offer for something I want a lot of and the offer doesn't complete immediately.
Am I too low in price or just at my hourly/daily limit?
If I've been logged off for a while and the purchase completed while I was away, How long ago did it happen?
There is already a hidden timer limiting a players purchases, why not make it available for us to see?

22-Oct-2017 19:26:28



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Thunder Jinx said:
Only seems to be a problem for people who merch and make everything more expensive for others.

No support.

I wrote this suggestion specifically because I don't merch. I don't have this info memorized and often have to take time to look up where to look it up.
There are so many skills in this game that require you purchase mass quantities of a particular item and there are increasingly better ways to use up those items.

Say, for example, I decide I want to go from level 119 to 120 smithing. By my quick calculations I'm going to need to buy somewhere around 138k rune bars. So I put in for a GE purchase for that amount and go to bed for the night. I check the next day and have 10k bought. Why? Did I reach a limit? Is my offer too low? I raise my price, nothing happens.. Did I just buy the 10k and that's why or did it happen hours ago?

The answer is out there. The game knows...

This has nothing to do with merching. Just having information to play the game, enjoying myself in doing so, and making good choices.

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