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Aslon Dak

Aslon Dak

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I used to play Fist of Guthix back when the entrance to the mini-game was located in The Wilderness. I enjoyed it, but I lost interest after I'd earned exactly enough tokens to purchase a pair of rune boots, long before F2P could smith them. There really wasn't anything else in the rewards shop that interested me. On occasion, I'd stop in to see if FoG was active, but the last few times I went there, I seemed to be the only one there.

I use only EoC. I have no reason to switch back to Legacy. It was fine when that was all that was available for combat. I have since moved on. I can promise you, limiting FoG to Legacy users only will not force me to revert to Legacy. It will simply give me another reason to avoid mini-games like the plague.

Is limiting dead content to a particular segment of the player base really the best way to go about reviving that content? I don't see it. It seems more likely to be a great way to turn dead content into fossilized content though.
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13-Mar-2019 04:51:18

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