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I have killed like 250 Zammy and had no drops.

lol you arent even half way to the drop rate for the unique drop, drop rate for subj, hilt etc is 1:512. and because you have killed like 250 and not got anything. you think something needs to be done?

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Most even go into the negative gp because they used too much supplies and had no drops.

most? lmao where the hell are you getting these stats from apart from making them up.

most scenarios you still make gp even with out the unique drops. what hell are you doing to lose?

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Which after being maxed or almost maxed is the only thing people do. So they will stop playing the game all together unless you update boss mechanics or dps.

that is not true at all, not in the slightest

oh fyi its confusing you saying "dps" for drops. when dps means damage per second
Satan loves you

200m all on 7/3/19
My life after 200m xp in all skills

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