Lunar Isle - Livid Farm bug

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Ok before I talk about the bug, it’s just that this mini game has existed since the 4th in April 2011 according to google, and hasn’t been fixed even as of now in the 7th of June in 2019.

The mini-games small bug that I wouldn’t call a glitch is that it has these purple trees that have this option: Cure-plant Diseased livid, there is normally 3 of 4 of these purple trees that respawn when the Livid farm resets to make new plants to cure, new broken fences to repair etc.

This mini-game has one small bug that’s existed for years and it’s still existent today, which is when the option to Cure the plant, being the diseased livid, a window appears with 4 trees to select that is the right one needed to pick that matches each tree correctly, the 3rd and 4th tree selection options are incorrect with the purple trees in the mini-game, as there is a purple tree that would spawn in the patches of soil and have either a pointed downward or upwards branch, the 3rd tree has a pointed downward tree option to choose to cure while although on the game screen it’s actually the purple tree with a upwards facing tree in game that however the game assumes is the correct option to choose.

The same with the 4th purple tree to choose in the window that has a branch facing upwards has the correct option to choose being that of the 3rd tree option in the cure tree window that has 4 trees to select from which uses the 3rd pointing downward tree branch made with tree made out to be the correct option within the game.

Basically, the 3rd and 4th trees selectable options in the window that asks you which tree would you like to cure have incorrect trees being made out to be the right trees to choose to cure in game but the game assumes their right anyways.
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I'll be honest, i had quite a hard time ascertaining what the problem is. When I went to look myself, I saw no real issue between the interface and the plants within the plots. The images appear to marry up correctly.

That said, if you do feel that you have found a bug, it should be reported in-game, not on the forums.


07-Jun-2019 22:50:19

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