Dramatic Death *gasps*

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I personally LOVE the dramatic death emote in the citadel theatre. I suggest that we be able to have it unlocked (and potentially have other citadel emotes unlocked) through the purchase with loyalty points. Others and myself would be willing to dish out loyalty points for an awesome emote in which we can stay on our stomachs until we choose to get up. I would pay big amounts to have this emote as it, to me, is the coolest and funniest emote in game. Thanks. :)

We now have the Exhausted Resting animation in-game! This resting animation will suffice to look like we're half dead on the ground!

SUCCESS! We did it!! From Sept 7th 2015 Patch Notes in the Ninja fixes:

• Players can now freely use the Clan Stage emotes outside of the clan citadel with the exception of 'Make Speech' and 'Dramatic Death' which can be performed in a Player-owned House instead.

I propose for this idea to get pushed outside of the POH and allow us to do them in game :)
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I would pay loyalty points for this, also. I'm not much of an emote-buyer, but this one? LOVE. And never get to do it, either, because my clan doesn't do the citadel.
But just in case Jagex gets any big ideas here, i would not pay real-money to purchase this emote a la Pay To Squeal Microtransaction Style!
Serious loyalty points though. I'd pay plenty.

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