How to fix Stone Spirits

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One or more of these options would aid in making the drop feel less useless and more worth buying.

1. Allow the player to get XP for the 2nd ore. One primary reason they are not worth much on low level ores is because players just want to level up, they don't want more ore for the ore's sake.

2. Send the 2nd ore to the ore bank.

3. Allow Stone Spirits to be combined like Spirit Gems.

4. Allow Stone Spirits to be dissembled.

5. Provide some method by which Stone Spirits can be exchanged directly into ore, mining XP or smithing XP.

6. Allow Stone Spirits to be stored in the toolbelt, currency pouch, or something similar (spirit bag, etc) so as to prevent needing to dedicate multiple inventory slots to them while PvMing and also to save those slots while mining.

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1 and 4 is certainly a must. It also should be alchable (maybe for 80 % of the value of the fitting ore, so a floor value would be established).

2 would be a good addition so players can remain as long even without using porters.

3 - not so sure. I could imagine it would sorta stablize the medium levelled spirits, while drastically dragging down the high levelled ones. Maybe rather using divination transmutation.

5 - bad idea: Unless the exchange rates are horrible it would allow players to bulk buy spirits and directly exchange them for xp. No - the stuff should certainly be used and if it is awarding additional xp for the additinal ore xp focused miners will start using them.

6 - I can't imagine players would take more than 2 kinds of spirits with them at once to be honest. As for pvm they certainly should ensure that no monster would drop more than 2 distinct kinds of spirits.
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Kopaka said:
2. Send the 2nd ore to the ore bank.


That would at least make the stone spirits worth using, as that way you would be getting twice the ore for the same number of clicks - assuming you're not using porters, and are clicking twice, once to fill the ore box, once to go back to mining, whenever your backpack fills.

However, I don't think that will make the value of stone spirits go up in the GE. Why do people turn to the GE to buy ores? They want to train Smithing fast without doing mining for the ores needed. Stone spirits won't help with that, so the demand for them in the GE will remain low.

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you know porters already do that for all the ore used for stone spirits and with the juju or perfect plus you afk at high efficiency without 2 ticking, also only uses 1 porter charge for ore proc so mining 2x the ore with half the porter charge uses.
I agree on 1 and 4 as well

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