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Gem Crystal

Gem Crystal

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I believe just like our Magic Wardrobe and Armor Cases, we should have a Weapon Case.

This can store weapons gained from quests that may most players don't use due to their low stats but would like to keep for nostalgic or cosmetic purposes. Most of the time we end up having to drop or destroy them, and keeping track of how to get them again (as well as trekking to the location of where we get them again) is a little inconvenient. I feel like a lot of people would enjoy having access to extra weapons through the bank interface as well.

Weapons that are also gained through D&Ds as well as miniquests can also be stored in here, such as: Artisan workshop swords, defenders, slayer weapons, blisterwood weapons, etc.

As a side note: also expanding the amount of armor and magic clothing stored in the current wardrobes would also be nice.

Thank you for your time!

12-Dec-2018 01:14:14

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