Why can we only wear one ring.

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Serene Steel said:


... game balance?



... its been BS for years.

Haha "BALANCE" good one xd

Wearing two rings would be game breaking but nothing wrong with going from t80s being bis to t90s overnight and making everything that existed prior to that dead content.

I'd like to wear my luck ring with my vigor and sixth age circuit without having to bring a switch for every time I ult / get a kill thx

You could even give rings classes (like combat/utiliy/teleport) and limit how many of each type you can wear to prevent "unhealthy" and "game breaking" ring stacking, although personally I would love to see what people would decide to do if they could wear multiple rings. It might even make tank armor not as shit if damage boosts from armor were not as impactful cause of rings. 4 is a healthy number.

Rather than trying to prevent damage inflation (which is stupid because cough cough t90s) Jagex needs to start thinking about how to work around it. You can make adjustments to numbers jagex. Just don't fuck up equipment hierarchy.
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