Modified Blacksmith's Helmet

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The Modified Blacksmith's Helmet gives coal each day. That used to be good, but now not so much. How about changing it to work more like the Wicked Hood where you can choose which item you receive?

04-Feb-2019 22:11:41

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That would probably be too good. But I would think that Luminite would be a good replacement-- Coal used to be universally useful, but Luminite would be good for both mid-level Smithing (Adamant and Rune) as well as eventually being a building block for late-game Smithing with Elder Rune.

05-Feb-2019 04:55:28

Dusty Dorsy
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Dusty Dorsy

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Due to Coal being noted, I think we need to have the other secondaries in there even if its in less amounts. For Example Coal and Luminite 50 since they have multiple uses, Light and Dark Animica 35, and then the ones between at 25. That might help not make the values go down too much but still would be helpful unless you cant make it adjust to add secondaries due to what peoples lvls are so those of us with 99 or higher mining and smithing can get all the secondaries but those that are only able to mine up to coal and can only smith up to mith can only get coal

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