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Since there is so little players pking how about making wildy safe and add some ghost monsters we gad back in 2011(correct me if im wrong).

And make 4 (Open World PVP) worlds.

18/97 - Open World PVP Legacy (members)

33 - Open World PVP Legacy (free)
66/106 - Open World PVP EOC (members)

135 - Open World PVP EOC (free)

These worlds should have safezones in towns like Varrock, Priff etc or at banks where our HP is being restored.

This would saparate Pkers and skillers and make PVP more populated which makes it easier for Pkers to find players to fight with.

Also would be nice to see Fist of Guthix cave back in wildy.

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To be honest, I want to see Revenants returning in general. As someone who makes a lot of money from skilling in the Wilderness on low-pop worlds, I can safely say that the Wilderness feels far too safe outside of a few hotzones (Warbands camps, the Crater, the occasional griefer at the Agility course/Rogue's safes who wants an easy kill even if the skillers don't have anything worth taking on them)

The Wilderness has an embarrassment of riches that are clearly supposed to be balanced by the risk of getting ganked, but because the type of PKing that the Wilderness was designed around just doesn't really exist anymore (seriously, I've seen far more people using it as a glorified Duel Arena than roaming PK squads outside of Warbands), the risk isn't there.

Making the Wilderness PK-free, even on certain worlds, is a step in the wrong direction. The Wilderness needs to be more dangerous, not less. But PKers and Revenants who could keep stricter watch on things like the Bloodweed patch, the Bakrimel trees, Charming Moths, and other such rewarding areas would definitely spice things up.

But getting back to your other idea; we had PvP Worlds back in the day. I personally liked them, but from what I understand, most people didn't. Some of that had to do with people still complaining about the then-recent removal of PKing in the Wildy, but there was actual gameplay problems too, such as it being very hard to actually find someone to kill outside of camping the safe zones. RuneScape has a huge world, and even back when your average server could manage over 1000 people finding people outside of the obvious hotspots could be tough.

tl;dr: Bring Revenants back but otherwise keep the Wilderness the way it is. PvP Worlds were an idea that was cool in theory but just wasn't great in execution.

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It's 140~ wildy worlds vs 4 RS worlds, (2 of tem F2P only).
I think it will be way easier to find someone than currently in wild, also there will be people who actually want to Pk and have some fun. It would be like DarkScape.

If not they can simply make these worlds like bounty hunter without targets.

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