Deathtouch darts are cheating

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Yes / No?

- Aslong it does not interact with my and/or other their gameplay, I am fine with it (bosses that profit - that are not quests bosses)
- If a person cannot beat a quest boss, I am perfectly fine with them using it on that boss.

Ngl, but that was my first thought on when I heard insta kill darts were released, but they didn't do that.....
Hello Moto

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not really... Jagex seems to fully endorse the use of leech services whereby endgame PVMers (the tiny proportion of the game they seem to have in mind when they release this crap) can make billions from their PVM capabilities. From other players, not the actual content

That said death touched darts should count for the killcount. You either get 1-3 off a promotion once a year or you have to pay the merchant for 1 once in a blue moon when he stocks it. It should be an alternative to pandering to the elitist cesspit of leech services.

Death touch darts do not impact the economy or the bosses or the player. It's their choice to use it. When the system is in place and allowed via these forums to SELL leeches to bosses, the argument is invalid.

ATM they don't count for Comp kills and they don't work on most high level bosses. They are a waste of time for someone of my status and given the above its not that bad

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