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Just because member's stuff has become "useless" doesn't necessarily mean that they'd become any more useful as a F2P item.

You can buy bonds with gp. Yes, a number of methods take longer as F2P, but it is achievable.
Even then, join a clan, let them get to know you for a while, once they really really like you, one of them (or several) will pool funds and get you a bond.

They've released content to F2P over the last few years:
- Silvarea region and local quests (Soul's Bane, Missing Presumed Death, Priest in PEril, Broken Home)
- Gertrude's Cat and ability to own cats
- PEril's of ice mountain (though at the time it was to let f2p smith picks before M/s update)
- Witch's House
And a number of recent quest releases have been available to F2P
Granted, almost all of these are noob quests ... but when you consider the complexity to take into consideration P2P skills and more, there is a reason why stuff is locked out

Fletching was made more open to F2P (still capped at Magic Bows and rune arrows, but still you can go to 99 in the skill)

KBD, Giant Mole, and Chaos Elemental became F2P accessible.

Some gaps in the combat triangle for mage and range gear were made available to F2P, as were Defenders and the Warrior's Guild. As well as a number of combat abilities.

Evil Tree and Shooting Stars.

Dragon Bones for prayer training.

So Jagex HAS gone to some efforts to make the F2P facets of the game more bearable AND to take the load off your early skilling/questing.

It's just that, like I said, you do reach a point where content that exists doesn't even benefit F2P because there isn't anything there (ie: Entrana) or other P2P content/requirements make it unusable even it was available.

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