Warbands FCs are Bully Groups

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Be patient. I'm a solo player, and while it'd probably be generous to claim that I secure about 40% of all my attempts, I've been able to find success here and there. Lately I've found that it's safer to wait until close before it despawns; most of the FCs tend to have moved on by then. You also have to be ready to run at a moment's notice. If someone teleports in, you've got about a second to get a head start before the Ice spells start to fly.

But honestly, what you're describing is the Warbands working as intended. You're walking into one of the most contested hot zones of the entire enterprise and putting a literal target on your back-- of course people are going to shoot at it. People like us are supposed to be easy prey for a prepared group. That's one of the principles the entire Wilderness was founded on. Hell, you could say that you're supposed to fight Warbands with a Warband of your own.

We're not supposed to be "protected". It's the Wilderness.

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