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Lelouch Vi B said:
Draco Burnz said:
Lelouch Vi B said:
Give it something in character, like perhaps and altar that acts as a gilded altar with lit incense for prayer training? Of course the required distance traveled to make trips to this altar would disqualify it from use for higher level players, however I can promise it would see a massive amount of use from lower level and Ironman players.

Im pretty sure IM could and maybe would still use the wild one over this as you can get more xp from demonic skull or w/e.

Very valid point, which is why I still say there are likely better ideas.

It might be an option for HCIM though. It's not worth risking the account for those few xp. Albeit I think the chaos altar isn't available to f2p anyway.
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16-Feb-2019 05:24:09

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Draco Burnz said:
Anroy said:
Obviously updates happen in P2P for the same reason and as such, usually come out every 3-4 months on average for f2p. Nothing wrong there now is it?

Im not opposed to updates actually happening for f2p, just when f2p demand for updates as often as members get thats when it crosses the line.

You lot should be happy to get any at all, some games that have f2p stop updating them after so long and pretty much force you to get membership.

Thank you. I respect your opinion.

16-Feb-2019 11:58:30

Draco Burnz
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Rikornak said:
It might be an option for HCIM though. It's not worth risking the account for those few xp. Albeit I think the chaos altar isn't available to f2p anyway.

I dont see why they should make an altar on an island just because a specialized acc build is afraid of risking anything?

I mean ppl wanted the wild to be somewhat more active and now they're running scared from it...
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Entrana's restriction on combat gear (you have to smuggle in supplies just to craft/fletch) means that combat and slayer on the island isn't practical. Thus even if you put a semi common mob on it, players would pick other areas that were easier to get to, especially if banking loot was a concern.

The island has trees and willow trees. There isn't too much value in dropping in certain higher level trees. Unless they wanted to make it the only place F2P could get magic trees.
Fletching and Firemaking would be negligible for consideration.

Smithing isn't an option as you can't make melee weapons or armor on the island.

Mining doesn't fit the theme of the island.

Runecrafting is already covered on the Law Altar. It's just other runes are "better" for everyday use or selling due to multipliers (Cosmics/Nats) or XP gain (enchantment/alchemy).

Agility ... at best you'd end up with a 2nd "Serenity Posts/Stones"

Prayer ... fits the island theme. But there is already a non-PoH Prayer XP altar in the Wildy and in the Ectofunctus. F2P only has Cremation, which even I agree is how it should stay. But cremation can be done anywhere.

Dungeoneering wouldn't be practical as all you could do there is drop another resource dungeon, but due to the island's protection, it would have been difficult for a resource dungeon to be there in the first place.

Crafting has the furnace and glassblowing support.

Farming has the hops patch. PoF negates the need for yet another tree patch. At best, you could try to push for another herb patch.

The island does have fishing. Nothing too interesting. A new fish could be added. A bis for F2P. But again, as there are lots of fishing methods in the 60+ range, I don't expect yet another to be added.

Construction ... there are plank spawns, but it doesn't fit the island theme.

Thieving ... Wine of Saradomin spawn?

Hunter doesn't fit the theme.

Divination isn't there already.

16-Feb-2019 16:06:52

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