Clan Capes: Male & Female

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Hello Players of Gielinor !

I have noticed for a long while now that the MALE and FEMALE capes for our Clans are two entirely different capes. Why can't we wear the female version of the cape on a male, or vice versa?

I am suggesting that we are given an option of choosing which style of cape we want. I have discovered that many others, including myself, prefer the
female version of the clan cape
instead of the male version. I am surprised we don''t have that option already, to be honest.
(Edit add-on: If we can decide on older/newer versions of skill capes, it may be fair and logical to enable this concept for Clan Capes)

Thanks for reading, and feel free to share your thoughts and opinions!
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Sounds like a good idea. Also I'd like a version that's closer to the body, and looks good with thinner armor/clothes. The female character model has problems with things like capes and necklaces where a lot of the time it looks like they're just floating around your neck and behind your back.

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