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Akrisae's equipment is far too weak for how hard he is to defeat. This needs to be rebalanced. Akrisae actually decreases my GP per Barrows run, which is a problem. Given that you have to do RoM to unlock him, I'd think it should be pretty worthwhile to fight him. Plus he prayer switches, which makes him take longer to kill. And he hits harder than the other wights. And I have to bring multiple combat styles. The worst part, though, is that unlike Linza, the tunnel leading into the catacombs can spawn under him, meaning he can't be skipped. I have to bring hybrid armor and multiple combat styles to the Barrows in case the tunnel spawns under him.
This would all be fine if his stuff was actually good. But since it's not, it sells for similar prices to all of the other equipment on the GE. The concept was really cool, back in the pre-EOC days. He was the perfect hybrid class, with magic, melee, and prayer bonuses. But now that his mace can only attack with melee, in spite of the fact that it requires 70 magic to wield, it is entirely useless.
This needs to be fixed. There are two possible solutions: a) make it so the tunnel doesn't spawn under him or b) make his mace able to attack with both magic and melee (I would prefer this option.)
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I guess they should do three things:

- Make him entirely optional, just like Linza. Players shouldn't be punished for doing quests. The fight itself is entirely fine.
- Include his (and Linza's) sets in the Amulet of the forsaken, which will be added to the barrows next week.
- Reduce the penalty for wearing hybrid armour to 5 tiers. It's a general issue with the entire armour class and should finally be fixed.

It might not hurt if his weapon is toggleable between a magic or melee variant (just like vanquish or the sunspear)
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