Combine farm with Silverhawk

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Just wear the silverhawk boots? Boo hoo you lose 2% farm xp...If you really care about a specific perk, like the traits from checking animals, you can just equip the boots while you do that and then switch back.

There is absolutely no logical connection between those two sets and no reason to combine them. Might as well just say allow Silverhawks in place of any XP-boosting set boots. I dont agree with that suggestion either however.

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Seems like a lot of improvising to save a few xp. You will never miss the xp lost from agility, and farming xp will only really matter with the huge pof xp drops. Sorry.

21-Feb-2019 06:22:11

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Kopaka said:
Just wear the silverhawk boots?

pretty much this

infact my farm runs to 200m i didnt wear my silverhawk boots as its only 12 minutes a day doing 2 tree runs. then i wore them doing everything else.

makes no sense to combines silverhawk boots to anything except the already nimble outfit which it is
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21-Feb-2019 08:51:04

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Its more about the beans not the XP.

And I don't do anything much except Farming and Player Owned Ports, so if I don't wear Silverhawk boots when farming I won't be using them much at all.

Having Silverhawk boots count as part of any owned skilling outfit would be nice.

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When you're doing combat you lose armour points by wearing silverhawks too.

Basically anything you do you lose one benefit in order to gain another and since there's really no relation between them I don't really see a good reason for doing this. It would only make sense if they work with the nimble outfit, which they do.
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