Culturally insensitive anagram

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Gulag Run is a treasure trail anagram. Now, I am assuming no one at Jagex thought about the fact that Gulags were and I quote "a system of labor camps maintained in the Soviet Union from 1930 to 1955 in which many people died."

Gulag Run then can be interpreted very poorly. This does not offend me personally but I thought it was the kind of slip up that is easily fixed.

Please do consider, and I would appreciate a response from a developer or moderator to give me confidence that Jagex actually does listen to players.

03-Apr-2019 05:25:55

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I'm sure they know what a gulag is; I fail to see how it's a slip up. Pretty much anything can be interpreted poorly by someone these days. I see no issue with this. Is anyone actually offended?

03-Apr-2019 09:02:44

Thunder Jinx
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Moneybucks said:
Alive in 1930, were you?
It's a non issue unless someone makes it one.
So don't.

If only more people thought like you..
Darkness rises when silence dies.

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16-Apr-2019 17:32:33

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