Lower the price of bonds

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Loot Kid

Loot Kid

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Gold from bonds currently costs £1.25 (1.6$) per million, alot more than gold sellers sell it for, I think the price of bonds should be lowered to wipe out the illegal gold selling market and get rid of bots

19-Nov-2018 13:16:29

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It's not that simple - if you lower the real money cost of bonds, more of them will be bought -> their supply in-game increases -> their gp price will drop, resulting in you having to buy more bonds with real money to get the same amount of gp for selling them in total.

So because of that, lowering the real money cost wouldn't be ideal to do. They'd also have to lower the benefits of redeeming a bond, such as reducing the membership time received, all for no improvement.
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19-Nov-2018 14:09:47

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Loot Kid said:
Rikornak said:
Supply and demand. If players wouldn't want to pay the current price it will fall by itself.

Remove the temptation to buy from gold sellers

they will just lower the price themselves

the temptation to buy gold for me just isnt there at all. but for the people that it is there for. the pro of spending that little bit more from a bond. means its safe and not bannable offence.

either way even if jagex double the amount of gold from a bond. the gold sellers will just decrease their price. its the only they have any leverage is by being lower than the safe option.

bonds themselves have helped dramatically it use to be alot worse
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19-Nov-2018 15:37:19

King Tumeken
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King Tumeken

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A decent point, for sure.

However, the long-term effects would not serve the greater good!

I believe if any changes should be put fourth toward Bonds, it should be a concept of modifying membership time that is equivalent to it's price changing over-time .... but even this is tricky to go about doing.

Keep in mind, that we control the prices! Every item can be treated like a stock-market share, or, also commonly known as a
. So Bonds, if anything, are more accurately comparable to a stock market item (After all, they ARE
) and so this is the nature of such item.

It is quite logical, and reasonable, that these Bonds have high value if they offer all of us a far greater value than they are worth independently as an item, alone;

Membership provides much, much more content and windows of opportunity for your character to build, skill, customize and quest, money-make, and experience so much more in Runescape.
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Serene Steel
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Wolfblue42 said:
You can thank premier club and endless promos for the price hikes.

They go back to normal by feb/march I think.,Nov_18_2018#a=0#i=Bond

Although as you can clearly see, they never quite drop back down to their original price.
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19-Nov-2018 19:09:56

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