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im leggo
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im leggo

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now that you have clicked here to tell me you already can continue reading...

one of my most hated things about Runescape currently is the dueling anywhere system, most people in top PVM gear can and will hit well and truly hit over 4-5k in one hit, meaning most duels are commonly 2-3 hits and finished lasting less than 10 seconds at times..

suggestion: Have a screen confirmation popup as you would in duel arena (non staked of course), which allows you to set a hit points modifier, allowing you to have perhaps a maximum of 250k hit points allowing for a more thrilling duel where you can actually gain Adrenalin before the fight is actually over..

further more feature that could potentially reset daily to show kill death ratios to add some hype and boasting skills...

some potential changes that may need to happen, in order to make this successful would be while in duel, food consumed may heal more or maybe even food not allowed in duel could potentially be an option.

Personally i would love to see a fight where people can sustain long enough to gain Adrenalin to be able to use a shield and use them ability effectively.

04-May-2019 02:11:12

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